In this first installment of Young Minds, a group of eight architects, designers, academics and professionals from award-winning practices and leading universities, will virtually interact with seven teams of five international students each, supported by tutors—currently collaborating with the Mexican design firm Estudio 3.14—and aided by six current interns. The workshop is structured by an open-access webinar, weekly workshops, two jury sessions and an award ceremony.

Young Minds arises at the crossroads of a popular awareness—and even vernacular creation—of urgent design solutions in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the sciences of design and architecture that can provide such solutions that need to have a sistematic development and a replicable capacity. This intersection exists today within the academic and professional worlds in the frame of a hyper-accelerated adoption of technology and communication that can galvanize and expand existing social networks in easier ways than before.



International Online 5-week Workshop

Young Minds program can only accept 35 participants If you want to be a candidate follow these simple points:

  1. Attent to the Webinar about Innovation and Design process, on July 13th. To have acces you will need registration in the following link:

  1. Be an active student.
  2. Have minimun 60% of credits or subjects completed in your bachelor’s degree.
  3. Have the availability to cover 15 hrs. weekly for 5 weeks
  4. Have the legal age as required by the laws of your country.
  5. Have English level of at least 60%
  6. Complete the application form, located in the next link:

  1. Send an email to with an image or essay that describe or samples your work as a designer. Send it as an attachment, the file should be named following your first and last name (pedrosuarez.jpg).
  2. Submit a record of studies or report card of the last grade you have completed.

The teams will be form according to applications and bachelor’s profile inclining to secure diversity of academic backgrounds in each group.

If you have any questions about the program contact us at

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